Wednesday, July 09, 2008

That only happens on TV.

I had an experience last week that made me look around for the cameras and director. It was funny and embarrassing.

Thursday, I had a prospect fill out an application, but she didn't have her check book with her, so she asked me if I was going to be in the office Friday, the 4th because she wanted to bring her holding deposit by then. I told her I would be and she mentioned that she would bring me a plate of food as well because she was going to go to a cook out.

Friday afternoon, the prospect called and asked how long I was going to be there. She had not made it to her cook out and she had been serious about bringing me a plate. I told I would be there until 4. She did not make it by.

Saturday, we celebrated Jen's 23 birthday. Laura, Jen and I went to see Hancock (a pretty decent movie). While we were gone, Marla stopped by with the dessert for Jen's party. While she was waiting for us to get back, my prospect stopped by to drop off her holding deposit. She left her number and asked me to call her. When I got back, I called her and she said she would be by in just a few minutes. She stopped by and dropped off her deposit, nothing was mentioned about the plate by either of us.

Meanwhile, we had ordered pasta from Pizza Hut (surprisingly tasty and cheap). It seemed to be taking an unreasonable amount of time to receive our pasta, so Laura asked me to call Pizza Hut and find out what was taking so long. I flipped my phone open and punched the last number dialed. A few rings later, the call was answered. The background noise was excessive, so I simply said, "This is Eric and I was wondering where my meal was"

A pause and then SHE said, " I'm so sorry. I forgot to get your plate yesterday."

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Juan Gabriel Llorca said...

Wow. That is some story. What do ya do with an experience like that? Makes you shake your head at the strange ways the world works...