Monday, February 26, 2007

Ok, so I have not posted in over a year. What does that say about me?
Don't answer that question, I might not like your answer. Like many things in my life, this started out with gusto and then fizzed out. It is not like I suddenly stopped ranting, or ran out of opinions. I just stopped posting. I think I might try my hand at this again and see what happens.

So anything going on that warrents my ranting...hmm.. non-stop coverage of a dead, washed up model/actress and the leaches who wormed their way into her life. I am not going to waste my time ranting about the shear volume of scum that is her ex-boyfriend, lawyer/boyfriend and her "loving" mother, because that only feeds into what I am really steamed about. We are in the middle of two wars. We have a government in the throws of a political power struggle, with the lives our our young men and women in uniforms in the balance. The presidential election season is heating up. We have a couple of counties across the pond that are making threats or are being accused of making serious threats against us and our allies. What is the biggest story in 24hr cable news? Enough said!!