Sunday, April 06, 2008

Home Sweet Home

I am officially in my new town home. I have to get dressed to take a shower, in my old place, until the hot water gets hooked up and one of my kitchen cabinets is sitting on my counter instead of hanging proudly on the wall. There are a host of minor items that need addressing, but HALLELUJAH, I'm in! They did a fantastic job on this place and after almost nine years in the old place, this is heaven. Walking on this carpet makes my old 9+yr old carpet feel like walking on fuzzy concrete.

My youngest daughter and my 'adopted' daughter are in paradise because they get to decorate. They have some really great ideas and some, well, we will see. I had to pull back on the reins a little or they would have spent my next 5 paychecks.

The office is also almost ready. I can show it, but there is no furniture and there is no office type items like desk, internet, phone, computer, but soon.

I would describe myself right now as ...Ahhh, I'm home!