Thursday, September 01, 2005

I am certain that somewhere in the elegant halls of musics finest and Hollywoods elite, that a concert is being prepared. Something like, Concert for New Orleans, or Save the Gulf Coast from Becoming a Wet Land. while I aplaud their lofty intentions, I have an alternative suggestion. The gods of music and the matinee idols should hols a press conference and announce that instead of a concert they are all going to pool their vast resources and any donations that they recieve. With these funds they are going to rent a fleet of buses and helicopters and deliver as many people from New Orleans that they can. They will take this caravan to some cities further inland, safe from the devestation. Once they arrive there, they are going to rent some hotels, not hotel rooms, but entire hotels and put the refugees up in them for as long as it is necessary. Then they will take them to the local Wal-Marts and Targets and K-Marts and sponsor a clothing shopping spree for these poor survivors. They will also encourage the local restuarants and grocery stores to donate gift certificates and groceries so the refugees can continue to eat. If we roped the tians of professional sports, this could be an amazing thing. If the fans of these folks are not moved by the milk of human kindness or the desire to be just like their IDOLS, perhaps the stars could send them an authgraohed photo in appreciation.
Just an idea, what do y'all think?