Saturday, September 29, 2007

Now, I'm a MRI supermodel.

Ok, so I am not a model, but that was the line I used to make myself feel less nervous when I talked to the office manager at the imaging facility where I got my MRI today. I was not really nervous ,just a hair. I was a bit concerned that I might be claustrophobic. Turns out, I am, just a little. I had the advantage of being scanned in an open MRI machine, but when they started moving me into the machine and my big nose nearly touched the top, I felt a twinge of fear. It did not last long, but it was enough to confirm my dislike for small confined spaces.

The technician's last words to me before she left the room were: "Don't move, don't cough, don't clear your throat." So where do you think my mind wandered and drifted as dozed off a bit? I constantly was having images that compelled me to move, like to catch something falling on the floor or shaking someones hand. I did not move, but it was funny how the images of the need to move flooded mu head.

Now, that I am a MRI model, I have to wait until Wed. to find out the orthopedist's final decision on whether he needs to try out his new scalpel on me or not. I am not savoring the idea of surgery, but I am beyond ready to have permanent relief from this pain, so I say, "Bring it on!"
"Just, go easy on the pain, I am"

Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Computer is a Scary Place.

I have been living with intense pain in my right leg for over 6 months. About a month ago, I finally set aside my natural male instincts and went to the doctor. Ripped fibers in my hamstring led to a sideways lean in my stance and walk, as well as putting my hips out of line and causing pain. Medication was no help, but 4 weeks of physical therapy straightened me out enough to give me back my old stride. Unfortunately pain remained behind and over the next few weeks intensified. Now it was off to the orthopedist, who is convinced that I have a herniated disc pinching the main nerve that runs down my right leg, has scheduled an MRI for me tomorrow and told me that if the MRI shows him what he thinks it will, I will need surgery. I type that last words with shaky hands because the idea of surgery, anesthesia, etc, scares me. Now, I did what every computer savvy person would do after a that kind of news... I scared myself even more by Googling "herniated discs". All the details, the horror stories, the possible problems made me want to close my eyes. Reading medical blogs, visiting medical sites all resulted in a bit of a queasy stomach. After I chilled out, I actually was glad I did the research. Being informed as to what is wrong with me and the various suggested treatments is interesting and helps me be a better informed patient. We will see what the MRI shows.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Y'all come back and see me sometime, ya hear?

My opening statement is one of the most recognizable stereotypical statements associated with being a Southerner. Funny thing is I can't remember ever actually hearing anyone say it and I live in South Carolina. I guess it just goes to show that stereotypes are just that, generalized ideas about a group of people loosely based on reality. As I was a typical guy this evening, meaning I flipped through the channels constantly, I saw about a half dozen shows that were supposed to be based in the South or the subject matter was supposed to represent the South. While all the shows had different themes and even different genres, they all portrayed my fellow Rebs the same, and mostly in an unflattering manner. I began to get a bit perturbed by the depiction and felt that "Hollywood" was singling out me and my neighbors, but I then I remembered we get stereotypes of all regions, ethnicities, races, and sexes in the entertainment industry. What is sad is that Americans have become so used to the stereotypes, they start using them in connection with everyone they meet of that group. This of course leads to all kinds of problems, racism, sexism, etc. Here's a novel idea, when you meet someone, see someone, read something about someone, forget that they are a member of some sub-set of humanity, actually a member of a few sub-sets and look at them, treat them as the individual human that they are and let their actions and words define them, not some nebulous stereotype. Deal?

Alrighty then, y'all come back, ya hear?

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Finally He Posts Again

I find it funny that many people who blog infrequently, like me, find it necessary to start a post after an extended time with some kind of explanation for their absence. What ratchets up the humor in my case is that I have no regular readers, and only a few who even stop by occasionally, so I guess I am really only excusing myself to myself. Talk about dumb.

I have mentioned previously a blog that I enjoy reading, Today, Andrew had a post where a friend had "interviewed" him with 5 interesting questions. I loved it. I think that it was a great way of getting to know him, esp. areas that he might not think to talk about . A few years ago, I met a young lady in GA while working there and we became friends with an eye towards dating. For about a month before our first date, we e-mailed each other questions, unique questions, that helped us get to know each other better. Questions like, "If you could have a dinner party and invite 5 guests, living or dead, who would you invite and why?" Or "What am I carrying around in my trunk?" That last one was very revealing. When we had our first date, there was no awkwardness, or strained conversation. We knew each other better than we thought. In other forums later, we both, independently stated that that had been the best date we had ever gone on.

I look forward to being interviewed and if any of you(if there are actually, any of you) who would like to interview me, feel free to do so.