Thursday, April 19, 2007

The recent tragedy at Virginia Tech has raised a multitude of questions, observations and fears. I don't want to dwell on the myriad of things that are being hashed and rehashed by the "talking heads". I want to look at the man responsible for the death and devestation, Mr. Cho. I briefly listened to his rantings that he sent to NBC and was struck by the fact that what he was really describing is something that is a problem with America today: self-absorbtion. While he blasted the rich and the privileged ( and lord knows they often deserve it), what he was saying was "Look at me! I am important! The world should revolve around me!" I don't buy the stories told by his roommates and suitemates that they were great friends who always tried t0 engage him and were positive. Come on, one of his roommates said Cho told him he had an imaginary supermodel girlfriend who had a pet name for him. You want me to believe that he didn't get a little razzing? But the fact that he propbably was not on the top ten list of the most popular guys in school does not accountfor his rampage. He felt left out. He was not experiencing what he felt he deserved and so he lashed out. He was extreme, but that is what our culture teaches today. You are the most important person in the world and everyone owes you. Sorry, that is not true and the sooner we acceptthat, the sooner our country will be healthier as a nation.