Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Screaming and throwing things at each other!!

This phrase was used by Laura over dinner the other day. What was she talking about? A couple she knows fighting? A scene from a movie or TV show? Perhaps a passage from a novel she is reading.


She used this phrase when she was describing what she found when she was doing research on the presidential candidates. Her conclusion from a day of looking online for solid, detailed information about the candidates was that for the most part political "discussion" or "reporting" is just people screaming at each other and throwing things at each other. I agree! We both long for simple debate. You know, two or more people stating their position, view, opinion and then discussing what they agree or disagree about...honestly. We know that people will disagree, sometimes vehemently, but it is not necessary to substitute loud voices, name-calling, misleading "facts" and catch phrase in place of truth, facts, details and agreeing to disagree.

I have decried the minuscule numbers of people actually voting and I am often told that we are just to busy living our lives. I don't buy that argument, but I can see how it might appear a daunting task to find facts to make intelligent decisions with most on the airwaves, the paper media and the Internet not providing facts, just opinions and not very factual ones. But don't give up. Keep digging, because electing our leaders is more important that finding a good deal on collectibles, downloading the entire White Album or finding when "Dark Night" is showing next week.

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PammyV said...

My suggestion: Look at the core issues and decide what is most important to you and where YOU stand.

Then, go to each candidate's site and see where they stand one each issues. Which one matches your core beliefs?

If you cannot decide, you MUST look at experience and character.

After you make your decision, ignore all the crap the media puts out.

If you are still confused, I'll be happy to set you straight ;)